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1,000 Litre Transportable Aquapax Perth - Water Analysis

All Aquapax Perth 1000 Lt Transportable Containers are filled with the highest quality, fully tested , taste and lifespan guaranteed natural spring water. The spring water has been sourced from a long standing ,high quality, totally secured and protected source high up in the Darling Ranges, east of Perth, WA.

All Aquapax Perth 1000Lt Transportable Containers are totally free of any chemicals, they do not contain any Chlorine and they do not contain tap water. Aquapax Perth are proud to stand firmly behind their Aquapax Containers with a full 2 year total quality guaranteeā€¦.water quality and pristine taste is our business.

NATA Registered Laboratory Typical Analysis
Bicarbonate15 mg/L
Calcium1.9 mg/L
Sodium26 mg/L
Magnesium3.3 mg/L
Potassium1.1 mg/L
TDS150 mg/L

Aquapax Perth are proud to be operating within all recommended policy and procedures of the Australasian Bottled Water Institute and HACCP guidelines. Formal Accreditation will be achieved once documented operational structures have the necessary recorded timeline and a documented history has been achieved.

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