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PRICE $950 GST Free - Quantity Discount Available

  • A (FULLY DRESSED) "Transportable Aquapax" consists of a (NAKED) unit complete with full waterproof packaging + a fully assembled fittings pack already fitted. NOTE: When you purchase a (FULLY DRESSED) "Transportable Aquapax" - you are purchasing a 1000 Litre micro-filtered drinking water unit that is "immediately ready-to drink" and dispense - upon delivery to the customer.
  • Please Refer To Freight Rates for Delivery Perth Metro Area
  • Please contact our office to discuss and confirm specific delivery details and arrangements/requirements
  • Please note that normal 10% GST charges do not apply to the sale of our "Fully-Dressed" - Aquapax
  • NOTE:

    The (Fully Dressed) "Aquapax" is specifically packaged and sold to those customers who...

    1. Require an "immediately ready-to-drink" unit
    2. Require a unit to be fully packaged using "waterproof packaging"
    3. Require a unit to be already fully pre-fitted with ball valve and dispensing hose fittings
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